Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out how much I have available to claim in my Training Fund Allowance?

Send an email to with your name and start date, and you should receive a response within a couple of days.

When am I able to claim my Training Fund Allowance?

You can apply for your reimbursement from the 1st day of your anniversary month, but must submit your claim so that it reaches us no later than December 31st of that year.
Example: Your start date is July 22, 2016 you can claim each subsequent year from July 1st.
If your anniversary month is December, you may submit your claim from November 1.

How often can I make a claim to my Training Fund Allowance?

Just once per calendar year, after the 1st day of your anniversary month.

How long will I have to wait for my payment after I submit a claim?

You can expect your refund within 30 days of submitting your claim form

What can I claim?

Acceptable items to claim for are:
Training courses (proof of completion is required before cheque is issued)
Sporting goods – hockey, golf, fishing, hunting, gym equipment and memberships (family including member or member only), runners, and much more.
Tools – not just on the tool list. Table saw, mitre saw, compressor………..
Musical equipment – instruments, DJ equipment……………
Workwear items – boots, coats, carhartts………………
iPads and tablets, laptops, computers – No phones

If you are unsure of an item you wish to purchase, then speak to a rep or email
Better to check than have a claim refused.

Where do I find my benefits information? and the CanadaLife App

Where do I get my pay stub?

Click on the employee portal link at the bottom of the Trotter and Morton website

What sort of donations does the Association contribute to?

Working within the budget guidelines established at the Annual General Meeting in November, 2015, the recipients are Registered Charitable Organizations in Canada. The Association also contributes to emergency relief funds on a case-by-case basis.

What is the CanadaLife life app? and how do i sign up?

The CanadaLife app is called Groupnet. The first time you access either the Groupnet website or the Groupnet app you will have to register/sign up for it. To do this you will need your CL benefits plan number and CL I.D. number. These can be found on your CL prescription drug card.

What other benefits are available to me?

Perkopolis. Go to and you can use your benefit information to sign up/register for even more benefits. Everything from restaurants to airfare can be discounted by using your perkopolis account.